Fiberglass Battery Separator

The VRLA battery with Fiberglass AGM separator, in most Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and stand-by applications because it offers a better
power delivery experience. In addition to improved power capability, VRLA batteries with Fiberglass AGM separators offer increased safety and better environmental performance.
VRLA batteries deliver safety benefits through the AGM separator, by absorbing the electrolyte and eliminating spillage. This allows battery placement in any location within the car without the need for spill containment. The gases generated upon recharging, under normal charging conditions inside a VRLA, will recombine. Additionally, under typical recharge, the vent valve is sealed and will open only if internal pressure exceeds the predetermined level of the valve. Therefore, VRLA batteries can be used in multiple locations, while minimizing the dangerous gas a lead acid battery maydeliver on overcharge.
since the Fiberglass AGM separator holds the acid. Even if the battery is damaged, it can continue delivering power to emergency services
Environmental benefits include minimal electrolyte leakage in the event of a crash and longer service life, compared to the older, maintenance-free lead acid technology.
The VRLA can have 2-3 times the lifespan of a maintenance-free battery. This is especially true for deep-cycle applications,which are becoming more common in modern cars with electronics that require power 24 hours per day. A longer lifespan reduces the need to purchase and recycle batteries over the life of the automobile. Environmental demands will continue to grow as automobile sustainability moves forward with increased mileage standards and regenerative breaking applications. Car manufacturers may
utilize the VRLA battery’s power supply capabilities to improve gas mileage through enhanced electrical options, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.


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